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“A great movie evolves when everybody has the
same vision in their heads”    Alan Parker

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 2021 sees continuing Development for Evolutionary Films’ 3D family animation Minibots


Werner Herzog releases “Meeting Gorbachev”

European Premiere at Leipzig Festival 26 October 2018

UK cinema release 4 -29 November 2019

         FWFD teamed with multi award winning  factual production company Spring Films to develop ‘Meeting Gorbachev’ a feature length documentary directed by Werner Herzog and Andre  Singer 

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What we do


“A Story should have a beginning, a middle and an end . . .but not necessarily in that order ”   Jean-Luc Goddard

As  the go-to company for producers to acquire investment-ready packages of filmed entertainment concepts for the global entertainment market our core team has a wealth of experience in film production, visual storytelling, marketing, finance and investment..

We work to:

..create, source, curate, and develop innovative media Content for the ever-growing television and digital market as well as for theatrical release..

.. continually explore untapped works of fiction, original screenplays, early dramatic concepts, and downright good ideas..

..put Development funding to work to prepare a Producer-ready Content package..

“I always believe it’s better to have thirty imaginations working on a project, rather than one imagination telling the other twenty nine what to do”    Trevor Nunn

This is Film Development – We invest our time and resources in an Idea or Title to Develop from Concept into a form (a Package) suitable for presenting for pick-up (sale) to Production entities


Our ScreenPrint team works to bring Book Adaptations to Screen, working with..


..bring your Book to Screen with our Development Resources     


..check out our Readers’ Choices of Titles for Adaptation

                   for info on available Titles  contact  titles@fwfd.co.uk 

Development Funding

Development funding is made available:

  • to pay a writer to complete a screenplay
  • to acquire rights to books or plays
  • to pay for travel to film markets to offer the package to Producers

Development funding  can also cover location scouting, casting, finding Executive partners and includes the costs of admin and overheads until the film is  ready for sale to a Producer for pre-production as the next stage


Participation in Development Funding

The UK Film & Television industry continues to thrive, attracting and developing the world’s best creative talent.  Combined with tax-efficient investment opportunities, there has never been a better time to invest in the Content sector

Note that in the Content sector Development is different from  Production – as a film development company FWFD sells the production-ready package to a producer, studio or network that has the Funding in place to Produce it

Faster recoupment

Recoupment of Development funding can be in some 12-18 months rather than the several years it can take for recoupment of Production funding

The return on the Development funding can be fast and  high and can be 50% of the initial capital funding

Although the financial risk at Development stage can be higher than at the Production stage, the costs are lower and the returns are potentially  higher because in the recoupment cycle development costs are accounted for as first line items to be paid from Production funding

How to participate in Development Funding

Earning a high ROI through providing funding to the film & tv industry is possible through  an involvement with FWFD’s  Development slate –

FWFD works to –

-generate high returns on a funding programme

-as an Approved EIS company offer the tax advantages that have been made available by the UK  government for  individual  investors via HMRC approved schemes, the SEIS and the EIS

  • The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) offer generous Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, and Inheritance Tax benefits.  Adding to their attractive 50% (SEIS) and 30% (EIS) tax-relief on Income Tax is that it is the only tax-efficient scheme in the UK that has the ‘carry back’ facility where the tax-relief can be applied to an investment made in the preceding year

Income Tax Relief: An individual can reduce their income tax liability by 50% of the amount invested in SEIS shares, or 30% in EIS shares

Capital Gains Tax Relief: As well as there being no CGT paid on the gain in any sale of SEIS/EIS shares (after holding for three years), there exist arrangements to defer CGT liabilities due on gains resulting from other investments subject to qualifying periods

Inheritance Tax: Shares in the company qualify from 100% exemption from Inheritance Tax in the event of the shareholder’s death within two years

These reliefs can significantly mitigate the risk of investment but investment in the company is only open to Accredited High Net Worth Individuals. 

For further information and to request an Information Memorandum covering the current Offer of shares in the Company or to arrange a meeting please contact us at info@fwfd.co.uk

Share Offer – Requesting an Information Memorandum

We advise prospective investors to seek specialist advice from their tax and financial advisors. As with any financial investment there is always an element of risk and a prospective investor should consider carefully whether an investment in the Company is suitable for them in the light of their personal circumstances and the financial resources available to them

Investing in unlisted Entertainment and Media industry companies is only suitable for accredited, sophisticated or high net worth individuals. The Company’s projects are carefully selected to ensure that a pathway to a return on investment is in place for each one but it is not possible to guarantee the successful generation of profit of individual film projects


About us

We create investment ready packages for the global entertainment market. Our core team has a wealth of experience in film production, visual storytelling, marketing, financing, and investment

To discuss your project contact  Jon Lewes,  our Finance and Development Director

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