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“ adaptations account for up to 50 per cent of all Hollywood films and the most consistently rated amongst the highest grossing at the box office..”

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Authors –  1,000’s of new books are being published daily (4,500 globally, of which 3,000 are self-published) can a Producer on assignment to find a book for Adaptation for the screen find yours?

Answer: get your Title included in the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing for Producers to read

  • Adaptations  – Writers’ existing Books are presented to Producers to Pick Up for adaptation
  • Original stories – original stories of Writers from around the world are connected with global film & tv producers, managers, and executives
bookshelves full, and 1,000’s of new books  published daily
Producers have two main ways of finding material for their screen project..
  • to Adapt – based on the book by, or, adapted from the book by
  • to Develop – an original concept, or, based on, inspired by, a true story
What is Adaptation ? –
Answer:  to Adapt the Work through the creative process into a new and different piece of art .. ScreenPrint will connect the Author with a Producer to hire a screenwriter to turn the book  into a screenplay..
How does a Producer find a Title that will work for Adaptation, with a title-owner willing to discuss Adaptation? :
                                                            Answer: check the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing of Packaged Titles
What is the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing?’s a  weekly email sent to subscribing Producers  providing them with details of the selection of Titles available as a ScreenPrint Adaptation Package
What is included in the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing ?

For Authors:

Titles List ..included by Genre

Book Curated and reviewed by experienced screen-writers

Synopsis of your book written by an experienced screen-writer..the Synopsis is the trigger that will get Producer interest in your book and has to be presented in, as does a screen-play, a required format to be accepted for submission to a Producer

For Producers:

  • Current Adaptation Packages..with Talent attachments, with Synopsis, Option Intent, IP Confirm
  • First Look during Exclusivity Period
  • Access to Bid for First Look
Authors, List Your Book today in the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing to get the attention of Producers
Producers, Subscribe to the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing to find the Package you need
  • Authors, for just $26.50 a month together with a List Your Book one-off set-up fee of $550, your Book is included in the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing of Books best-suited for Adaptation, curated by experienced established screenplay writers.
  • Being on the ScreenPrint Weekly Listing  is the basis for being included in an Adaptation Package, ready for Producers to take a First Look…plus, included in the one-off set-up fee..
    • discover the type of book genre that is being picked-up by Netflix for Adaptation
    • receive Free the ScreenPrint Guide to Streaming, The Future of Content, to make sure you are providing  Content that’s going to be the most wanted for the Screen..know which are the genres that are now and going to be most in demand
  • Producers, for just $249 a month, Register for the First Look service to receive Free the ScreenPrint Weekly List, plus have access to Bid for First Look  ..the free weekly emailed List includes  selected Books curated as best-suited for Adaptation, the curation of the books being by experienced established screenplay writers

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