The African Film Festival – FCAT

The Tangier-Tarifa African Film FCAT is an independent film festival set in Tangier, Morocco and Tarifa, Spain , organised by the non-profit NGO Al Tarab

This year’s FCAT poster, by the Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop. The image, “A Staged Portrait”, forms part of the artist’s series “Bird Stories”

Tangier-Tarifa African Film FCAT promotes the dissemination of African film in Spain and Latin America, contributing to an improved mutual understanding as well as to the development of cultural and film industries

A woman in white, suspended in the air, on a blue background. This is the image that greets us from the poster of the 18th edition of the Tarifa-Tangier African Film Festival. FCAT takes place from the 28th May to 6th June to take another look at the film revolution in the cinemas of the continent of Africa

FCAT 2021 focuses and reflects on Spanish cinema’s newfound gaze towards Africa that has begun to take place in Spanish cinema and which has this year been seen reflected in the Spanish Cinema Academy’s list of nominees and award winners.

Philosophy According to Mane Cisneros, director of the 2021 festival, the philosophy is the same as always: “to straddle the two countries, two continents, different languages and various cultural traditions, while again adapting with all of the security measures necessary for the reality in which we find ourselves”

This hybrid edition consists of live events in Tarifa, with Learning Space in both Morocco and Spain, as well as various virtual events. The photography is by the Senegalese artist Omar Victor Diop, who serves as an international benchmark in his country due to his manner of capturing the diversity of modern African societies and lifestyles

view from Tarifa to Africa
Tarifa..the view to Africa

Location and History Tangier, at the northern tip of Africa and Tarifa, at the southern tip of Europe, are separated by only some 40 kms of water, across the Straits of Gibraltar. For more than 1,500 years their history has been interwoven and their location has become a meeting point for their different cultures